Thursday, February 13, 2014


Madame Defarge and Ernest!

“This wine-shop keeper was a bull-necked, martial-looking man of thirty, and he should have been of a hot temperament, for, although it was a bitter day, he wore no coat, but carried one slung over his shoulder. His shirt-sleeves were rolled up, too, and his brown arms were bare to the elbows. Neither did he wear anything more on his head than his own crisply-curling short dark hair. He was a dark man altogether, with good eyes and a good bold breadth between them. Good-humoured looking on the whole, but implacable-looking, too; evidently a man of a strong resolution and a set purpose; a man not desirable to be met, rushing down a narrow pass with a gulf on either side, for nothing would turn the man.

Madame Defarge, his wife, sat in the shop behind the counter as he came in. Madame Defarge was a stout woman of about his own age, with a watchful eye that seldom seemed to look at anything, a large hand heavily ringed, a steady face, strong features, and great composure of manner. There was a character about Madame Defarge, from which one might have predicated that she did not often make mistakes against herself in any of the reckonings over which she presided. Madame Defarge being sensitive to cold, was wrapped in fur, and had a quantity of bright shawl twined about her head, though not to the concealment of her large earrings. Her knitting was before her, but she had laid it down to pick her teeth with a toothpick. Thus engaged, with her right elbow supported by her left hand, Madame Defarge said nothing when her lord came in, but coughed just one grain of cough. This, in combination with the lifting of her darkly defined eyebrows over her toothpick by the breadth of a line, suggested to her husband that he would do well to look round the shop among the customers, for any new customer who had dropped in while he stepped over the way."

I want to try to draw more of them later-

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hanging models

 I got a haircut today! It feels so free and great! I decided to sketch some ladies to celebrate.

Monday, February 10, 2014

FEEBLE development

These are the moment scenes for my upcoming film, FEEBLE!
Look forward to it folks!

Below are some original ideas before the above pieces.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lovely Ladies

Hey, folks! Chris Anne here! I finally decided to make a blogspot for my sketches. I've created it in order to organize my work and monitor my progress. I'm fairly content with where my art is right now, and I think it's a good starting point for this blog. I could only keep moving forward! Look forward to my future works!